Best Budget Hard Drive For Gaming

Having a quality and high-performance hard drive is essential when playing video games. No matter what the console may be, the hard drive is the core that holds the game together and makes the best gaming experience possible. However, with the current updates and additions to technology, hard drives have become more and more expensive over the years. Without a budget allotted specifically for a hard drive, one cannot possibly play any video games at all. Fortunately, there are many products in the market that can accommodate your financial situation.

Without a decent hard drive, data will not be processed and therefore, no game can be played. For this very reason, it is essential to find a quality hard drive that matches the allotted budget. The following are some important key features of a hard drive that customers should be paying attention when deciding to buy one:

  • Storage Capacity

Hard drives are basically there to store data. If there is not enough storage space, some video games might not even get accommodated because of the heavy size of it. Depending on the budget, find a hard drive that will be suitable to the estimated data consumption.

  • Length of Warranty

The longer the warranty, the better because nothing is invulnerable to malfunctions. No matter the quality of a material, overuse can damage it.

Listed below is a list of the best hard drives for gaming that have the features mentioned above.

  1. Seagate Barracuda 320 GB 7200RPM SATA

Although it doesn’t seem to have a lot of storage space, this product is actually enough for customers who don’t need a lot of space. Nowadays, video games come and go so fast that some even finish an entire game in one sitting. Because of that, not a lot of space is needed at the same time, which is why this product’s 320 GB is more than enough.

The RPM speed is excellent and has a 16 MB cache. Other features of this product include a 3.5” form factor, a holding capacity of over a hundred thousand photos or five thousand and three hundred hours of music or eighty hours of movies, and a two-year warranty. With a price tag of less than sixty dollars, this is definitely the best hard drive for gaming without spending too much money.

  1. WD Blue 1TB Desktop Hard Drive

The difference between this product and the hard drive discussed above is the storage capacity. With a storage space capacity of 1TB, this is definitely for much heavier data consumption. For video games played on a desktop, this hard drive has the best gaming HDD for its price tag. Some of its features include a two-year warranty limited warranty, a holding capacity of three hundred and twenty thousand photos, or sixteen thousand six hundred and sixty hours of music, or two hundred fifty hours of movies.

These two products can definitely be considered as the best hard drives for gaming at an affordable price because of the features that they have.

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